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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9
Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9, Sector and Cyrax is a ninja cyborg, Sector is the first Lin Kuei ninja to become a cyborg. Units designated LK-9T9, he was sent to seek and kill members of a tribe of mischievous Sub-Zero, was sent to kill the Sub-Zero, Cyrax was recovered and repaired by the Lin Kuei, who again sent him into battle with the sector assigned to monitor him. After Shinnok's defeat, Sonya and Jax to use their technology to restore his humanity, this story portrayed on Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 9.

In the story before Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9 Shirai Ryu clan was murdered by Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, and Hanzo Hasashi has failed to protect his village. With the immortal soul finally destined to rot in the depths of hell, and eventually visited by a mysterious magician, with a vengeance enough to get the Scorpion and participate in the Mortal Kombat Tournament.
Groove on Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9. Following the story before the Movie and Game Mortal combat Mortal Kombat, Cyrax when he was a man, because he was a black soldier who joined the Lin Kuei, but questioned their plan for the cybernetic process and wanted to leave the clan. Sub-Zero Cyrax and reprograms defeat him with orders to destroy Kahn. Cyrax joined the OIA as a scout Special Forces Earthrealm.

Synopsis on Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 9 Following the story before the Movie and Game Mortal combat Mortal Kombat, Lin Kuei Grandmaster Sector kill but is stopped from claiming the Dragon Medal, evidence of clan leadership, by Sub-Zero. Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 9 Sector fled to Japan in defeat and form Tekunin, cybernetic ninja warrior clan itself

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